The range of available roofing materials is not only extremely wide – it is also varied in terms of pricing and overall cost efficiency. The best approach is to contact experienced San Jose roofers to get the most current recommendations.

experienced San Jose roofers can help you decide on roofing materials

In the meantime, here are the materials that provide the highest level of cost efficiency:

  • Asphalt – whether applied in the form of roll-out material or shingles, asphalt is a material that is cheap and easy to manufacture, therefore it is among the most affordable roofing materials. The cost-efficiency of asphalt is further increased by low maintenance needs, cheap installation and durability;
  • Metal – also available in many forms, including large panels and shingles, metal roofs are also among the best choices for any climate area and for any type of building. Metal roofs are resistant to wind, fire, pests and moisture and they can stay installed for decades, making them a great choice for buyers looking for a cost-efficient roofing solution;
  • Clay – the upfront costs are somewhat higher with clay, but the material is warranted for 100+ years and it requires hardly any maintenance. Clay is also an excellent thermal insulator, a feature that makes it a cost-efficient solution on the long run due to the savings on the costs of energy needed to heat and to cool the building.