Roof leaks are a nuisance – they ruin the comfort of your home, they damage the attic and the ceilings in your home and they can pose health risks as well, so finding them and getting rid of them in a timely manner is very important. However, detecting a leak is not always an easy and straightforward process, so here are some of the common causes for leaks and a few of the problem areas that your should check on the roof:

San Ramon leaky roof repair

  • Check the path of the water – the easiest way to detect a leak is to check for the source as the leaking is happening, but if the leak appears when the rain is over, you can follow the droplets of water in your attic or look up toward the roof on a dry and sunny day to see where the sun shines in through your tiles or your shingles;
  • Roof areas that are more likely to develop leaks – roofs are more sensitive in areas where their continuity is disrupted, such as roof valleys, the areas around chimneys, skylights and vents, that’s why these areas are usually protected with special material stripes called flashing. If you have flashing installed right above the leak that you have noticed, have your San Ramon roofer check for cracks or dents;
  • Damaged covering material – cracked or chipped tiles, buckled or curling shingles are also very common leak source.