A roofing inspection is an important part of any preventative roof maintenance session, a process that has the purpose of revealing any roof fault that needs repair.

San Ramon roofing inspection

Here is what the process involves:

  • Inspection from the ground – the process starts by looking up at the roof from a distance, standing in the yard. Many faults, such as discolorations, sagging or missing roof components, can be detected during this process – if you want to see even more details, you can use binoculars;
  • Inspection from roof level – the next phase involves climbing up to the roof and inspecting the gutters, the downspouts as well as the roof surface. Start with the gutters – check whether they are straight, properly fastened and intact and put down every issue detected into a list. Continue with the roof, paying special attention to the problem areas detected from the yard and to the usual problem areas, such as seams, roof valleys, areas covered in flashing. Make sure to include all these issues into your list as well; The best way to ensure your roof is in tip top shape is to hire a San Ramon roofer to do the inspection. They, better than a non professional, have the experience to spot problem areas sooner than later.
  • Determine the roadmap for the repairs that you need – minor roof faults can aggravate and turn into severe issues almost overnight, so schedule the repairs for as soon as possible.