Ventilation is an aspect of roofing that is often misunderstood by homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you own a commercial or a residential roof, good ventilation is essential not only for the roofing structure to protect your home against extreme temperatures, but also to help keep the roofing system intact and free of any unwanted damage or internal structural problems.

There are many types of roof vents, including ridge vents, static vents and power vents. Each and every one of them play an important role in keeping your roof and attic properly ventilated, so as to ensure an ideal internal temperature and perfect humidity conditions even during extreme weather changes.

Let’s suppose that it’s a hot summer day, and your home doesn’t have proper roof ventilation. What happens is that the sun constantly heats your roof, and the heat will have no place to escape. The result is your attic will become like a hot furnace, heating your home further and causing your AC to work overtime.

Livermore roofing ventilation experts

In the winter, improper ventilation can lead to ice dams due to higher than average humidity. The weight and pressure caused by ice dams can lead to further damage over time – damage that could easily be averted just by making sure your roof ventilation works properly. Get Livermore roofing ventilation experts to take a look and tell you what is needed to provide your home with the best protection and home temperature maintenance.