There are several solutions for roofing, but if you want a durable product above your head, tile roofing is the best option. There are three types of roof tiles:

Ceramic tiles

Made of clay, ceramic tiles represent one of the oldest and most common roofing solutions. It has a very long lifespan (up to 100 years), very good thermal qualities, keeps the heat in the house and the noise out; you will not hear the drops of rain falling on the roof.

The increased weight (around 40-45 kilograms per square meter) is the main disadvantage. A ceramic tile roof should also be checked periodically by San Mateo roofing tile specialists to make sure the tiles are securely fastened and intact.

San Mateo roofing tile specialist

Metal tiles

Metal tiles are very resistant and ideal for roofs with non-habitable and unheated attics. Among the qualities of the metal tiles, we should mention the fact that they are very to install and also versatile, being able to match any type of construction.

Metal tiles are lightweight (around 7-8 kilograms per square meter), so they do not put pressure on the resistant structure.

Concrete tiles

They have almost the same qualities as ceramic tile, but they are heavier (about 46 kilograms per square meter). They are made of cement and the pigment is added during the fabrication.