If you are wondering when it is the right time to replace your old roof, you should first know the signs indicating that there are certain problems that need to be solved.

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These may include:

  1. Moisture and mold

Moisture in the structure of the roof can be the result of condensation caused by temperature variations and air loaded with humidity, coming from the inside and crossing the ceiling. The lack of proper ventilation of the roof will inevitably lead to the appearance of condensation and mold.

  1. Water leaks

Water leaks through the roof are one of the biggest problems, as they can lead to the destruction of the thermal insulation layer, the loss of its thermal properties, structural damage as well as material damage inside the house. The causes may be related to low-quality or damaged materials as well as to cracks that allow water to infiltrate.

  1. High energy bills

If your electricity bills start to go up but your thermal comfort is the same or worse, it can also be a sign that you have problems with the roof.

If you experience such issues, it is best that you contact a professional San Ramon roofer who will do a thorough inspection of the roof, assess its overall condition, detect problems and vulnerabilities, and decide whether it is time to consider replacing your roof.