Whatever material your roof is made from and whatever its age, regular roofing inspections are necessary for maintaining the health of the structure by detecting problems in time as well as for prolonging the roof’s lifespan, thus protecting your investment.

Pleasanton roofing inspection

Ideally, Pleasanton roofing inspections need to be scheduled twice a year – once in spring, to check the roof for any damage caused by the winter and once again in fall, before winter settles in, to check for any issues caused by the summer and to prepare the roof for the coming winter. The inspections should involve not only the roofing cover, but the flashing in the roof valleys and around the roof openings, such as around the skylights, the vents and the chimneys as well. The roofing cover is the largest surface on any roof, so most faults will be found on the actual roof slope, but the flashing is also essential, yet sensitive to impact and can be affected by the weather in many ways, so it should be carefully checked and replaced whenever necessary. The other adjacent parts of the roof, such as the gutter pipes and the downspouts, should also be checked during the roof inspection – these auxiliary components play an essential role in ensuring the health and the proper functioning of your roof, so do not neglect them.