Solar panels are becoming more and more popular, and it has be said that they offer a lot more than they used to. While, just a few decades ago, solar panel technology was limited at best – not to mention exceedingly expensive – these days they are a lot more accessible, as well as more efficient.

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The main issue with solar panels was that the conversion rate of solar to electric energy used to be a lot less efficient than it is today. While older technologies allowed for only 10-12% efficiency, these days levels of over 20% are quite commonplace. Recently, new technologies like multi-junction concentrator solar cells have even achieved efficiency percentages of up to 47%!

According to a solar expert San Ramon roofer, solar panels have also become cheaper and easier to access. These days, with just a few thousand dollars you can get a decent solar array with a respectable energy storage system that is built to last. Moreover, advanced battery and capacitor construction also allows for a larger amount of energy to be stored and used for nighttime purposes, so you don’t have to worry about your solar panels becoming useless at night.

Finally, San Ramon roofer solar experts are even providing affordable quotes for solar panel roofing and other practical methods for installing solar panels without using up too much space. That can allow even homeowners who don’t have much room in their back yard to successfully purchase a working solar panel array.