Home insulation plays the double role of protecting the home against the penetration of heat in summer and of preventing warm air from escaping in winter. When it comes to homes in California, a knowledgeable San Ramon roofer concurs that insulation can fulfill its two roles during the course of the same day – while summer days are scorching in the area, the evenings and the nights can get quite chilly and without proper insulations, home interiors can get really uncomfortable.

thermal insulation

Thermal comfort, however, is not the only reason why California homes need insulation – here are some more:

  • Energy efficiency – the protection offered by insulation helps homeowners lower their energy bills – a home fitted with insulation of the right type and thickness needs less energy to maintain interior thermal balance;
  • Keeping noise away – most types of insulation keep noise away as well, so fitting the building with insulation is of special importance for homes located in noisy areas, such as close to busy roads;
  • The prevention of mold and mildew – proper insulation can solve the problem of condensation as well by ensuring the home’s humidity balance, making sure that the home stays safe from the health risks represented by the appearance and the spreading of mold and mildew.