California has a Mediterranean climate and the summers are typically warm and dry. Temperatures are moderated by the ocean; however, the regions in the southeast are hot arid in the summer, with a climate similar to that of the Sahara Desert.

In these circumstances, thermal insulation is very important for every type of building here.

thermal insulation

According to the best San Mateo roofing companies, an effective thermal insulation not only ensures optimal humidity levels, but also the thermal comfort that people need during the hot season. A quality thermal insulation can eliminate up to 50% of the air transfer. In the case of a building that is poorly insulated or not insulated at all, the air transfer between the exterior and the interior is significant, and the cost related to cooling homes in the summer increases exponentially. The thermo-insulation of a building reduces energy consumption for keeping the living space comfortable, which will translate into significant savings in the long run.

Attention, however! Starting an insulation project is only possible if:

  • roofing projects, assembling or replacing windows, insulating balconies and terraces have been all completed
  • all adjacent surfaces on which the insulation will not be installed are adequately protected against damage
  • there are no more visible moisture spots
  • gutters, as well as the other roof elements have been executed properly and are fully functional and able to prevent water infiltrations