California is a very large state that encompasses a variety of climates, from Mediterranean in the coastal areas to arid in the desert and very cold at high elevations, but the spring months, especially April, are relatively quiet, therefore great for roof repair works. In most areas in California, temperatures start rising in March, so April is usually sufficiently warm for any kind of roofing work, even for the processes that use temperature-sensitive materials. Here are a few things that you can do on your California roof in April:

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  • General cleaning – removing the debris that has gathered on the roof and in the gutters is essential for preparing your roof for the quickly approaching summer months. Clean the roofing surface and don’t neglect your gutter pipes either – clogged gutters can cause damage not only to your roof, but to the walls and to the foundation of your building, too;
  • Inspections and repairs – when the roof and the gutters are clean, it is time to have a reliable San Ramon roofer check them for any signs of damage. Look for cracked or chipped tiles, for curling shingles, sagging, punctured or corroded gutter pipe sections, clogged vents and address all the issues in a timely manner.