Many new homeowners think that moving into a new construction means that they don’t need to any maintenance for at least a couple of years. They are wrong: roofing maintenance is an ongoing process that starts tight after the construction is finished. Here is how to do it right:

  • Regular inspections – ideally, your roof needs to be inspected by a Fremont roofing pro twice a year and you will also need additional inspections after each extreme weather events, such as storms. The purpose of the inspections is to reveal any faults that could aggravate in the future;

 Fremont roofing professionals will inspect, clean, and repair your roof as needed

  • Regular cleaning – roof maintenance must also involve thorough cleaning. Whether a roof is new or old, airborne debris tends to accumulate on the surface, trapping moisture and weakening the roof underneath, so it needs to be removed;
  • Cleaning and inspections for adjacent and auxiliary components – the roof is composed of much more than just the slopes. Roofs are composed of many other parts, such as vents and gutters that play essential roles and need to be cleaned and inspected regularly as well;
  • Check your insurance policy – many insurance policies and roofing material warranties maintain their validity only if the roof has been properly maintained, so check your documents to see whether there is any task that the documents require you to handle.