Slate is one of the longest-used roofing materials and also a roofing solution that outlives most others and offers countless other benefits as well. Here are some more features of slate to convince you that it is the perfect choice for your home, too:

Pleasanton roofing slate materials

  • Unique, unparalleled beauty – slate comes in very many shades and textures and there are not too sets of slate tiles that look the same. Slate tiles also come in various thicknesses, offering architects and homeowner even more design options;
  • Longevity – Pleasanton roofing slate materials can easily last for a century and half if they are properly built;
  • Resistance to the elements, including fire – slate roofs are made from natural stone, a material that can withstand fire, howling winds, heavy rain and snow, harsh sunshine, even hail, without getting damaged;
  • An eco-friendly solution – slate is an exceptionally great choice for Pleasanton roofing environment-conscious building owners.

Slate is the perfect choice with a couple of limitations. If you want a slate roof, be prepared that the solution is more expensive than most other roofing systems and the material is also quite heavy, so slate roofs can be installed only on buildings that can bear the weight of the tiles.

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