If you want to turn your house into a green, energy efficient home, proper insulation of the attic is a mandatory condition. Typically, the operation can be done without hiring a team of workers, but it requires time and some skills; if you do not possess them, it would be better to leave the process on the hands of specialists.

worker insulating a house attic

The attic represents the area that causes the most significant heat loss, increasing the cost of the bills by 20-30%, when appropriate insulation and waterproofing measures are missing. Although insulating the attic is expensive, some informed San Jose roofers say that the investment is recovered in about 5 years. Benefits of thermal comfort can be felt right away, with insulation providing extra degrees in winter and less degrees in summer, as well as a good noise barrier due to the fact that the insulating materials have air voids that absorb the sound.

Any form of insulation is beneficial to the environment, limiting heat loss and making our homes more energy efficient. Some of the insulating materials present important disadvantages, but now we also have ecological insulating materials that are a natural, renewable resource, with good thermal performance. They are also completely biodegradable and recyclable, using only little energy in the production process. In addition, they are resistant to insects and mold, they are soundproof and moisture-tolerant, without losing their thermal efficiency. Obviously, they not contain and thus do not release toxic substances.