When you hire a San Ramon roofer for regular inspection and maintenance, you want to get an honest professional opinion. Unfortunately, some roofers are not honest and take advantage of the homeowners’ lack of knowledge to invent unnecessary repairs.

San Ramon roofer

Here is how to know that you hired reputable roofing contractors that you can trust to tell you the truth:

  1. You Can Find Positive Reviews Online

All reputable companies collect and post testimonials from satisfied clients. In this respect, a simple Google search can help you make an initial selection. You should be wary of companies that have been in the market for some years, but they have very few testimonials. Likewise, newly established businesses with lots of positive reviews are suspicious.

  1. You Will Get Photographic Proof of Any Roof Problems

Reputable roofers document their maintenance inspection. They take videos and photos to show you the work they’ve done and what they found. An honest San Ramon roofer will point the issue to you in the photo and explain how serious it is.

  1. You Get a Detailed Estimate of Remediation Works

Before starting the repair works, reputable San Ramon roofers will give you an estimate of the workmanship and materials needed to fix the problem. They will start the work only after you approve their estimate in writing.